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Why We Need to Get Our Kids Outside More Often by Jason Walter

This explain to you why we need to get kids outside more often. In a time where virtual play (video games) have swept the youngest of the generation by storm and has made them almost entirely devoid of outdoor play, the need for physical activity has never been higher. Tablets PCs and gaming consoles have played a big part in the elimination of outdoor

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How to Teach Your Children About Money

Teaching Children About Money : Your Kids vs. Your Wallet How many times have you wondered whether your children think money does indeed grow on trees? It probably seems like every time you turn around your wallet is being attacked by the “gimme’s”. If you honestly examine your spending habits (and those of your kids), you may realize that you have not given them

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Controlling Your Childs Online Activities

Recent news about a young male adolescent in London being molested by three adult men whom the boy knew via the internet reminds us of how important it is to save guard our children at home from any possible dangers threatening them while they are surfing the internet. The type of crime that occurred in London has also occurred in many parts of the

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