Why We Need to Get Our Kids Outside More Often by Jason Walter

This explain to you why we need to get kids outside more often.

In a time where virtual play (video games) have swept the youngest of the generation by storm and has made them almost entirely devoid of outdoor play, the need for physical activity has never been higher. Tablets PCs and gaming consoles have played a big part in the elimination of outdoor play from schedules of almost every kid. And countless researches and studies have all pointed out that unstructured outdoor play is absolutely vital for a child’s health and learning capabilities.

So how does one ensure that children get their regular dose of physical play while they maintain their busy schedules and routines at school and home? The answer might stagger a few but it is probably the most effective way to proceed in today’s time. What we’re aiming towards, are play-structures and more specifically, outdoor playground equipment.

See, these days, play-structures are taken for granted. Many can’t shake the underlying reminder that play structures are the same as they were a decade or two ago: simple, colourful, metallic exoskeletons that you’d find in every single park and playground. But that’s not the case anymore. Though you may believe that there has hardly been any sort of change in the structure, outlook or aesthetics of outdoor playground equipment, the simple matter of the fact is that there has been a massive change. Companies are now introducing newer ways to make play-structures more attractive, appealing and all-round better at enhancing the physical side of fun, more than ever.

Special play-structures have also rolled out in recent years with the Active Play tag.
The Active Play factor isn’t a marketing gimmick by manufacturers and retailers, but is a completely legitimate technique to aid children in having fun and at the same time, develop and maintain optimal physical fitness. These play-structures utilise climbing ropes and ladders with multiple obstacles that are designed to have a child alert and attentive in order to navigate through them properly – while at the same time, helping them build key cognitive functions. Play-structures also help build core strength and stamina in children which are vital for their proper growth as healthy individuals.

So if you’re looking to make a difference in your children’s lives and want them to be the fittest version of themselves, head on down to the Creative Systems website. Their catalogue features some of the best play-structures and play-scapes for every setting. The company also features some of the best Active Play series, so you’ll be sure you’re getting the best one for your children no matter what.

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